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BLM Organizer ‘Reparation’ Comment Speaks Volumes About Movement

Black Lives Matter Protests Held In Cities Nationwide

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” pointed to a recent comment from a Black Lives Matter organizer in Chicago who justified the looting and violence in the city as a form of “reparations,” and said the remark sums up how the movement has done nothing but make the country worse.

Ariel Atkins, an organizer for the group, told NBC Chicago on Monday that she doesn’t care if “someone decides to loot Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike store, because that makes sure that person eats. That makes sure that person has clothes.”

She continued that this is “reparations.”

“Anything they want to take they can take because these businesses have insurance,” she said.

The comment is reminiscent of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s comment that the crime surge in New York City is likely due to the number of struggling residents in the Big Apple who are forced to shoplift in order to “feed their child.”

Sexton has been a vocal critic of the Black Lives Matter movement and has said the movement’s name alone makes it hard to criticize. But he said the movement is nothing more than a “bunch of Marxists who want to destroy the nuclear family” and is simply concerned about the “acquisition and utilization of power” under its “radical Marxist umbrella.”

He said there is the wrong minded philosophical belief that if you steal from a major company or bank, it is not really stealing.

“Any lib who says that in the media should run an experiment,” he said. “How would they feel if someone came by their home while they were inside and just smashed all their windows with a baseball bat and destroyed everything in their home? Would they feel violated or would they say it’s just property?”

Sexton said CNN and MSNBC continue to work to provide cover for the movement because they are “cowards.”

“If we’re going to go down that pathway, what else is acceptable?” he asked. “What other double standards in law, in society should exist based upon skin color to advantage some at the expense of others?”

Sexton said it will be interesting to watch Democrats react to the movement that they have helped spawn, lost control of, and now see as a serious political liability prior to the presidential election.

“But really, we all know who they are and they can try to run from it,” Sexton said. “They can try to hide from it; they can try to lie about it, but we’re on to them”

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