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2nd Plane With Migrants From Texas Arrives In Sac. Here's What We Know...

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Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, along with other city and faith leaders, are giving an update after two plane-loads of migrants were flown from Texas via New Mexico to Sacramento. Steinberg says the city and its non-profit partners are already working to help the new arrivals. Meanwhile, California Attorney General Rob Bonta's office confirms that the migrants appear to have Florida-based documents. Steinberg did not mention Ron DeSantis by name but hinted that the Florida governor may be involved by referring to scoring "cheap political points with your primary voters." Bonta also says his office is looking into all possible violations of criminal and civil law by anyone involved in these migrant plane loads.

Governor Gavin Newsom took to Twitter Monday to call Desantis a "small, pathetic man" for sending off migrants to other sanctuary cities, like Sacramento. The Democratic governor is threatening a lawsuit over the arrival of the 36 migrants in Sacramento on private charter planes. He believes Florida Republican Governor and 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is behind the move. Governor DeSantis and other red-state-governors have been sending migrants to self-described "sanctuary states" as they deal with what they call a surge of immigrants never-before-seen.

Faith leaders who are helping the migrants are assuring the public that the migrants are receiving care once they land in Sacramento. Sacramento ACT executive director Gabby Trejo says the group is supporting the migrants with temporary housing, legal services and medical care, if needed.

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