New Bill Could Allow CA College Athletes to Take Endorsement Deals

California Lawmakers have sent Gov. Newsom a bill after the CA Senate passed the bill 39-0 on Wednesday, a few days after it got an endorsement from NBA superstar LeBron James.

This bill, known as the Fair Pay to Play Act, is aiming to allow athletes at California colleges to hire agents and sign endorsements deals for use of their name, image or likeness. This bill would also stop the universities and the NCAA from banning student athletes that take advertising money.

The NCAA Board of Directors does not support the bill, stating in a letter to Gov. Newsom, that CA would gain an unfair recruiting advantage and could cause the NCAA to declare those schools ineligible for its events. They also say the bill could impact more than 24,000 athletes.

Newsom has not commented whether he will sign the bill or not.


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