Kaiser Permanente to offer eye screenings, no-cost cataract surgeries

Many in the Sacramento area may need cataract surgery but may be unable to afford it or are uninsured. Kaiser Permanente is offering free cataract surgeries to screened and qualified residents.

Cataract is very common and the surgery to correct it is the most common in the US.

“Generally, mostly a visual symptom either blurring or glare, inability to read or see the TV. Sometimes there’s a need for new glasses but beyond that if they can’t correct it with new glasses, then it may be a cataract,” said Dr. Clint McClanahan an ophthalmologist with Kaiser.

“Everybody as we get older beyond the age of 60 or so starts to develop cataracts,” added McClanahan.

Kaiser has been offering this surgery for those otherwise not able to afford it once a year for 24 years.

“Through the years we’ve helped more than probably 400 people with getting their cataracts done at no charge.”

It’s a simple 10 to 15 minute operation to remove a cloudy lens and replace it with an artificial lens inside the eye to see clearly.

The screenings are by appointment only and will be offered at one of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Offices in Sacramento. Screening appointments can be made until the available slots fill up. To sign up for the screening, or to request more information, call (916) 973-7159.

The screenings and surgeries are part of Mission Cataract USA, an annual program in which participating doctors provide the sight-restoring procedure to hundreds of people across the nation who have no health insurance and can’t afford the operation. Kaiser Permanente physicians and staff will volunteer their time to perform surgeries no cost for eligible individuals.


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