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'Greatest risk of a terrorist attack in 20 years': Senator SLAMS 'atrocious

White House officials have admitted that they're concerned about terrorists illegally coming across our southern border. But what is President Biden's plan? A spending package that DOESN'T even secure the border! Instead, it tries to tie our border funding to Ukraine aid and Senator J.D. Vance is having none of it. Sen. Vance joins Glenn to tear into Biden's "atrocious" proposals, including another one that would tie Israel aid to Ukraine and Palestinian aid: "Joe BIden is effectively using dead Israeli children to sell this package to the American people." And just as concerning, he says, is the fact that "too many Senate Republicans are going along with it."

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GLENN: Senator J.D. Vance. Welcome to the program, sir. How are you?

J.D.: Good, Glenn. How you are doing?

GLENN: Good. Thank you for standing up for this. This is, in my opinion, disgusting what is happening. Tying these two things together. And the way we're financing Hamas and Iran, is really stomach-turning.

So thank you for standing pick up. Tell us what you're doing.

J.D.: Yeah. I appreciate it, Glenn. Look, the problem here, is that Joe Biden sees a political opportunity in 1400 murdered Israelis. The terrorist attack happened. Of course, this is a very terrible thing. We lost a lot of Americans in that terrorist attack.

In my view, we want to power the Israelis to do as much as they can to degrade Hamas.

That's on the one hand. On the other hand, you have a non-stop Ukraine conflict.

We already poured $120 billion into Joe Biden, would like to pour another 60 to $80 billion on top of that.

It is, I think actively contrary to America's interests, to food and fuel prices in the world to have this war continue.

And so Joe Biden has figured out, that he can use the Israeli conflict, to sell the American people on indefinite war in Ukraine.

And, in fact, he's delivered a supplemental spending package to the Senate, that would do exactly that.

Combine Israel and Ukraine. So it makes those of us who are pro-Israel. Makes it harder for us to oppose the package. Unfortunately, Glenn, this is the important part. Too many Senate Republicans are going along with it. When you combine these packages, you put pro-Israel conservative senators in a bind, because they don't want to send another $60 billion to Ukraine.

And Joe Biden is effectively using dead Israeli children to sell this package, to the American people.

We need to separate the packages. Have a separate debate. Because they're separate countries, that raise separate questions and problems for our country.

That is the reasonable thing to do. And we shouldn't be going along with Joe Biden's politicization of the Israel tragedy.

GLENN: But how are you going to do that?

You have people like Lindsey Graham. Who thinks this is just gangbusters. This is just the greatest.

Because now you can get both. There are those, honestly, JD, can you tell me, what does victory in Ukraine look like?

I can tell you what victory in Israel will look like. And end of Hamas.

Possibly an end to the nuclear bomb-building capability of Iran, at the most extreme.

What does winning look like in Ukraine?

The death or the overthrowing of Putin?

J.D.: Well, we have no idea, Glenn. And this is the problem with the Biden administration's policies. They haven't articulated, what are we trying to accomplish in Ukraine?

How long will this take to accomplish it? And how much money will it cost us to do that?

The answer is. And when you talk to them in private settings, they will tell you, Glenn. They really have no idea how this will end. Their hope is that if they kick the can down the road another six months, maybe the Ukrainians make a strategic breakthrough. Maybe the Russians just get tired of fighting.

Maybe the tooth fairy intervenes. Something is supposed to happen.

That makes it possible to bring Russia to the negotiating table.

They know, there was no victory for Ukraine, if you define it as pushing them completely out of the territory, that Russia controls.

So they're just hoping. And I don't think we should be spending $60 billion of American taxpayer money, on top of 120 billion we've already spent. On a hope of Joe Biden and his foreign policy advisers.

It's disgraceful. And it's disgraceful, too many Republicans go along with it.

I will say, one final point here. Obviously Lindsey Graham and I disagree very stridently on the Ukraine question, but even a lot of my Republican colleagues, who are pro-sending money to Ukraine. They want to defy the packages. Because they recognize, it's a slap in the face to Israel

To tie their fate to the Ukrainian war.

GLENN: Aren't we also tying the border security to the Ukrainian funding?

J.D.: That's exactly right. And this is just another example of Joe Biden trying to take things that are politically popular for conservatives. Package them together. And then use that to sell the interminable war in Ukraine.

By the way, Glenn, if you read the fine print on the alleged border security package. It actually gets much worse.

What we're really doing is funding and facilitating Joe Biden's open border.

We are sending resources to communities that are housing illegal migrants.

We're spending a lot of money to transport migrants from the Southern border, all across the country.

There is nothing in the package for real border security. So it's not just that it's a political ploy by Joe Biden, to call something border security. So we can support Ukraine.

When you read the fine print, it doesn't even accomplish border security. It's really, really atrocious, what this guy is trying to do. And, look, I expect it, right?

I disagree with Joe Biden. I didn't vote for him. I'm not going to vote for him. What is ridiculous is if Republicans go along with it.

So the encouragement I make, Glenn, to you, to your audience, because you have a huge audience.

And the voters actually have a voice, and their representatives to them.

Call into DC, and tell them, divide the packages.

Do not hold up the border. And do not hold up Israel's security on Joe Biden's Ukraine war.

GLENN: I have to push back on this one.

And I hope you have a good answer.

But I for one, asked my audience to call. And be polite.

And they called, a couple of weeks ago. And Sean Hannity, asked his people. And Levin, and everybody else.

We called the House. And the weasel Republicans, actually used that, as an excuse to not do what we felt were the right things.

They said, we had these people calling us. And saying all kinds of things.

I can guarantee you, that it was only the odd duck, in my audience that would have done that.

They wouldn't have called them names, and threatened their family.

Maybe that happened.

But that is -- that is not the American people.

That is not the people who support the rule of law. And the Constitution.

So when you say, call the Senate. What is that going to do?

J.D.: Look, Glenn, I understand people have you frustrations. It actually does matter.

And here's the thing. These guys were going to be weasely, no matter what people did. They were just looking for an excuse to not do anything.

GLENN: Right. Exactly right.

J.D.: But I guarantee you, that the calls did not hurt Jim Jordan's speaker candidacy.

They helped. It's just unfortunately, the weasels were going to find a way to kill Jim Jordan's speakership candidacy anyway.

It really does matter. Trust me. I sit in these lunches with my colleagues. Folks I agree with and disagree with.

When they have the American people motivated about an issue, it does affect them. And it does matter. You know, I was one of the first people to endorse Jim Jordan's speaker candidacy.

I think we got a very good speaker. Congressman Johnson gets through this afternoon.

So despite the fact that I supported Jim Jordan, it was pretty clear early on, that they were never going to let Jim Jordan become the Speaker.

And it had nothing to do with us calling.

In fact, I think calling, actually did help us a bit.

GLENN: Okay. So call all of our Republicans.

We need all of them. And then some Democrats too. Don't we?

J.D.: You know, to divide the packages. To actually force us to have a separate debate.

We need 41 Republicans to stand tall, and say, we're not going to do Joe Biden's bidding for him. We're not going to accept this combined package.

100 million-dollar payment. Which, by the way, a lot of open border funding.

So no. I actually think we need Republicans to stick together.

Even if they are pro-Ukraine funding. We need the message to be, we're not holding the American southern border. And we're not holding Israel's security hostage, to the Ukraine war.

GLENN: Yeah. All right. So we don't need all of the Republicans, which helps. Because you'll never get the Romneys of the world.

Okay. So call your Senator.

When does this vote go down?

J.D.: Well, look, it probably won't go down for a couple of weeks here. It's unclear when leadership will try to move this package. But right now, the fight is to divide it. So we have separate votes.

That's what I'm trying to work towards now.

GLENN: Okay. So call your senator today.

And I know when I ask you that. I know. Because I would be rolling my eyes.

You're in the car. And please don't roll your eyes. Keep your eyes on the road. But I would be rolling my eyes as well. I would be like, oh, really, that's going to help.

But we have to do all the things that we do, and then leave the rest up to God.

Do what you're supposed to do.

Do what the system requires. Don't.

And I don't have to say this to you, my audience.

Don't do anything stupid. Don't make threats.

You'll only hurt our cause.

Hello, January 6th.

Please, don't do any of that. I don't mean to insult you or your intelligence on this.

But please call your senator, and tell them to separate. Because you're getting a bogus border bill.

Yeah. Something is wrong with the administration, and their -- how can they be sending money over to Israel.

And then saying, oh, you have to stop. You have to stop.

Don't do anything yet.

There's something wrong with this. I think it's just an act to get the money to Ukraine. And we're headed towards World War III. And the last thing we should be doing, is lumping all of this together.

J.D.: That's exactly right, Glenn.

By the way, if you have Hamas terrorists, who are obviously attacking the Israelis. But are also planning attacks in the United States of America. How does it make sense to facilitate their migration all across the continental United States.

You cannot have real border security, if you're paying people, to move themselves from the southern border, to you all across America.

That will facilitate an open border. And it will actually promote acts of terror in our country. I hate to say it, Glenn. Because I hate to be alarmist about this stuff. I think we're at the greatest risk of a terrorist attack in this country that we've been in 20 years.

GLENN: I agree.

J.D.: And the reason is, Joe Biden has let in a lot of designated terrorists, and then paid money to have them flown across the country.

GLENN: We have had -- we know -- we've caught -- I think it was 400 people that are on the -- on the watch list or the terrorist list. Four hundred, we have caught.

How many people have come across, that we didn't catch?

I mean, we know there are people that wish us ill, that have come into this country. And it's only a matter of time. And when you see the streets, in these Palestinian marches, where they are saying, gas the Jews. Gas the Jews. There's only one solution.

That's not a group of people, or at least a few of the people, that are friendly to our country.

Those are people that do really bad things. Geo

J.D.: That's exactly right, Glenn. And, by the way, a lot of these folks came into the country, and feel no gratitude towards it. And they're importing the ethnic and religious hatreds of their old country into the new one.

This is why we should have -- I really believe this, Glenn. We should have actual screening for people, even legal immigrants, to come into our country. To actually confirm that they share some of our values.

And that if we bring somebody from Palestine, for example.

They're not going to come here, and want to kill Jews and the Westerners because of something they were taught in their own country. If you're an American, become an American. Or stay out of your country.

GLENN: Amen. I can't believe that that will probably cause you a headache today. Because it is absolute common sense. J.D. Vance. Thank you so much, sir.

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