U.S. isn't the only country having trade issues with China

While the U.S. continues its trade war negotiations with China, Canada's relations with China are straining, as well. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada' won't back down' to various disputes with China. Meanwhile, China, which has made a similar warning to the U.S., tells Canada comments regarding the unrest in Hong Kong are not welcome.

Specifically, China says, "Hong Kong affairs are purely China's internal affairs." China hopes Canada can "reflect on its wrongdoing," regarding Hong Kong and other issues, including those that now impact agricultural trade.

China has detained two Canadian citizens and halted imports of canola seed and meat products from Canada. The move was in response to Vancouver police detaining a senior Huawei executive on a U.S. arrest warrant in December. China imported 4.8 million metric tons of Canadian canola in 2018, and 1.1 million metric tons of canola oil, supporting more than 16,000 Canadian jobs.

China is typically the largest market for Canadian canola, and Canada is the world's largest producer of canola.

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