Looks like progress on USMCA

Mexican President Obrador pledges to help make sure the nation’s Senate will overhaul labor laws to enforce workplace standards. Politico says that’s a major sticking point for American lawmakers as they look at possibly ratifying President Trump’s signature trade achievement.

During a press conference, Obrador said, “We don’t want there to be any excuse to reopen the negotiations for the deal.” The good news is that Mexican officials are optimistic the new laws will be passed soon. However, they’re less sure of the legal time frame needed to implement the changes. Congressional Democrats aren’t sure the current rules in the USMCA agreement are secure enough to enforce labor standards.

Many have called for reopening the deal to strengthen that language. That’s an idea that Mexico, Canada, and the Trump Administration all oppose. Vice President Mike Pence says the White House wants Congress to get the deal ratified by this spring. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she won’t bring the pact up for a vote until she sees evidence of the revised Mexican labor laws in effect.

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