Britney Spears Demands Apology Days After Victor Wembanyama Incident

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Pop icon Britney Spears shared a video demanding a public apology for an incident involving San Antonio Spurs rookie center Victor Wembanyama and his security last week.

Video footage obtained and released by TMZ Sports last Friday (July 7) showed Spears, 41, tapping Wembanyama on the shoulder -- rather than "grabbing" him as he had claimed -- and had inadvertently hit herself in the face after being pushed off by a member of Wembanyama's security.

Spears shared a video on her Instagram account Tuesday (July 11) claiming she'd heard criticism that she "deserved" to be hit and once again compared the interaction to far more serious incidents that took place during the height of her career.

"I've been with the most famous people in the world -- *NSYNC at one time," Spears said. "Girls would like literally throw themselves at them. On my way into the place, actually, I was knocked down by like three 12-year-olds trying to get my picture. My security not one time touched them or even came near them."

"Point being, I didn't appreciate the people saying that I deserved to be hit, because no woman ever deserves to be hit."

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department had already confirmed that charges wouldn't be filed against Wembanyama's security in relation to the incident. Wembanyama, the No. 1 overall pick in last month's 2023 NBA Draft, previously acknowledged that "something did happen" while speaking with reporters in Las Vegas ahead of his NBA Summer League debut last Friday.

Wembanyama said he "couldn't stop" when he heard a person, who was identified as Spears, called him and "grabbed" him from behind, at which point security intervened.

“I didn’t see what happened because I was walking straight and didn’t stop,” he said. “That person grabbed me from behind — not on my shoulder — she grabbed me from behind. I just know the security pushed her away.”

“I didn’t stop to look so I could walk in and enjoy a nice dinner,” Wembanyama added, noting that he didn't know how much force the security member used.

Spears also addressed the incident in a previous post shared on her Instagram story last Thursday (July 6).

"Traumatic experiences are not new to me and I have had my fair share of them. I was not prepared for what happened to me last night. I recognized an athlete in my hotel lobby as I was heading to dinner. I later went to a restaurant at a different hotel and saw him again. I decided to approach him and congratulate him on his success," she said.

Spears had previously acknowledged that she'd been swarmed by fans numerous times, but her security team had never "hit any of them."

"This story is super embarrassing to share with the world but its out there already," Spears said. "However, I think it's important to share this story and to urge people in the public eye to set an example and treat all people with respect."

"Physical violence is happening too much in this world. Often behind closed doors. I stand with all the victims and my heart goes out to all of you!!! I have yet to get a public apology from the player, his security or their organization. I hope they will..."

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