Apple Security Flaw Lets Attackers Take Complete Control Of Devices

Apple security update

Photo: Getty Images

Apple is warning its customers about serious security vulnerabilities for iPhones, iPads and Macs.

The company released two security reports regarding the issue on Wednesday (August 17), which was initially reported by tech publications at the time and received wider attention from other media outlets on Friday (August 19), the Associated Press reports.

Apple said hackers could get "full admin access" to a user's device which, according to SocialProof Security CEO Rachel Tobac, would allow intruders to impersonate the owner and run any software in their name.

The affected devices include the iPhone 6S and later models; several iPad models, including the 5th generation and later, as well as all iPad Pro models and the iPad Air 2; some iPod models; and all Mac computers that use the Monterey operating system, the AP reports.

Security experts are strongly advising users to update all of the devices that are reported to be vulnerable.

Apple didn't specify how, where or by whom the security threat was discovered, instead, cited an anonymous researcher during its security reports.

Security researcher Will Strafach said he hasn't observed any technical analysis of the vulnerabilities recently patched by Apple and noted that the company has acknowledged similar incidents during about a dozen occasions previously.

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