Toddler Finds $1 Bill Near The Beach Stuffed With Fentanyl

Dollar bill on concrete

Photo: Getty Images

A toddler walking through a parking lot near Orange Beach in Alabama saw a folded $1 bill sitting on the ground. The 13-month-old ran over to pick it up, but his mother noticed it and ran over to grab the bill before he could.

She set the bill down on a nearby table, and Randy Turner went to put it in his wallet. That's when Randy's son-in-law Jake recalled reading warnings on Facebook that folded money could be laced with drugs.

"I've seen on Facebook. Stuff's been put on that. Be careful of dollars that's laced with fentanyl and stuff like that, but I never thought I'd be…I never thought I'd see it," Jake told WALA.

When Jake flicked the bill across the table, a powdery white substance spilled out of it. The family contacted security and the police, who conducted a field test on the powder to confirm that it was fentanyl.

The family was observed for a little while to ensure they were not inadvertently exposed to the deadly drug.

"My son-in-law was fixing to put it in his billfold. He was going to unfold it and put it in his billfold," Randy told the news station. "It could have been really bad because that would have gotten all over every one of us."

Investigators are unsure if the bill was intentionally placed on the ground for somebody to find or if it was dropped accidentally. While the police are looking into the incident, they said it will be difficult to track down whoever is responsible because there are no security cameras in the vicinity.

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