Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court To Strike Down Obamacare

The Trump administration is asking the Supreme Court to strike down Obamacare. The administration filed a brief in support of a Texas-led lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act, arguing the law is unconstitutional.

The administration says that Congress' 2017 decision to eliminate the penalty for not buying insurance while keeping the individual mandate to purchase health insurance makes the entire law unconstitutional.

"The individual mandate cannot be severed from the remainder of the ACA. Congressional findings incorporated into the ACA's text clearly indicate that Congress would not have adopted the guaranteed-issue and community-rating provisions absent the individual mandate's requirement to purchase insurance," the Trump administration wrote.

The White House defended the administration's decision to ask the Supreme Court to strike down the law.

"[The Affordable Care Act] limits choice, forces Americans to purchase unaffordable plans, and restricts patients with high-risk preexisting conditions from accessing the doctors and hospitals they need," White House spokesman Judd Deere said.

The Supreme Court will hear the case during its next term in the fall, though it is unknown if it will issue a ruling before the presidential election in November.

Photo: Getty Images

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