Three-Year-Old Boy Found Sleeping On Porch 1,200 Miles From His Home

A Buffalo, New York woman, woke up to find a three-year-old boy sleeping inside a box on her porch. The young boy lives nearly 1,200 away in the suburbs of Orlando, Florida and was on a road-trip with his parents.

The young boy, whose first name is Noelvin, told the woman that he was with his parents when their car caught on fire. Investigators found a charred vehicle not far from her home with evidence of human remains inside. Officials cautioned it might take some time before they are able to identify the victims.

After authorities identified the child, they managed to contact his grandparents, who told investigators the boy's parents would often take road trips.

"We're heartbroken, we're worried, we're scared," Noelvin's grandfather, Jorge Oquendo, WFTV. "We're all devastated. We're all devastated for a lot of reasons. We have no answers. We don't know what happened. We don't know if it happened."

Officials say Noelvin is doing well and they are working to reunite him with his family.

"The child is in good spirits," Buffalo Police Department Captain Jeff Rinaldo told reporters. "He is currently in the custody of Child Protective Services, and we are working with CPS and the grandmothers, to begin the process of reuniting them."

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