To discuss the abrupt cancellation of Tim Allen’s ABC show, “Last Man Standing,” Buck invited Matt Walsh, writer for TheBlaze, to give some background on the shady dealings.

Walsh described the plot of the show as a man who tries to hold on to his masculinity in an increasingly feminized world.

“It was their number two or three show for a couple years running,” said Walsh. “Then it was cancelled suddenly and mysteriously–and only a few months after Tim Allen went on late-night television and admitted he went to Donald Trump’s inauguration, and made a comment that conservatives are ostracized in Hollywood. It’s hard to consider all that a coincidence.”

“It’s always been interesting to me to hear things like the profit motive get discussed,” said Buck. “Stories that have traditional values, we’re always told, don’t do well. Then something comes along like ‘The Bible’ on Discovery Channel that does phenomenally well,but all these Hollywood producers who are making flop after flop say, ‘I’m not going down that route. None of this God is real/love your family stuff.'”

“You look at the shows they do make, and the shows they decide to cancel, the average family is not going to sit down at 8 o’clock on a Thursday night and watch a show about gay rights,” Walsh concurred. “You’d think money and ratings would be their primary concern, but their hatred and disdain for ordinary Americans and traditional values overrides that. If it was all about money, every network would make a Bible show. It would get huge ratings. But they’ll sacrifice those ratings because they just don’t want to put that kind of content out there.”

Buck brought up the example of the Noah movie, which he said was terrible. “They took the Bible out of it!”

Matt chimed in with the example of The Passion of the Christ. “I thought it was a beautiful piece of art, I thought Jim Caviezel should have won an Academy Award. It did enormously well. But the critics panned it, and everyone involved with it was ostracized from the film industry. You make a Biblical movie that’s respectful of the material, and people will come out in droves. But they can’t bring themselves to do it, even with millions of dollars on the line.”

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